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Paul Stewart


Bass Guitar, Synthesizers

Jasmin Photo 2.jpg

Jasmin Misic


Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Synthesizers

Vlad Photo 3.jpg

Vlad Leskovsky


Drums and Percussion

Henryk Final 1.jpg

Henryk Lisowski


Synthesizers and Keyboards


Zygon was formed in the summer of 2020 by bass guitarist/keyboardist/producer Paul Stewart. After hiring musicians who shared his desire to write high-energy instrumental progressive rock music, Paul and drummer Vladislav Leskovsky, guitarist Jasmin Misic, and keyboardist Henryk Lisowski began working together on their first album, Earth and Sky. In the final days of January 2021, the album, comprising of eight songs, was completed.

How did Zygon become the name of the band?


“That's an interesting question,” said Stewart. “I was wanting a unique, one-word name that  would stand out, and as I was researching possibilities, I came across the word zygon. It turns out that Zygons are an alien race in the Doctor Who series, and that wasn't what I really  wanted to associate with, but as I delved deeper, I found out that there is a zygon term in music. It's the affinity or connection in a piece of music between tones, chords and phrases such that the parts of the musical piece repeat, imitate or derive from the other, especially when perceived as the organizing principle in the music, and that's what I believe our music accomplished."

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Why an entire album of instrumental music?


 “In my experience, vocals can create its own set of production problems, and I wanted to keep the songs as clutter free as possible,” Stewart pointed out. “Focusing more on the instruments and their role within the songs became the core of what we were trying to do. I wanted to keep melody and structure at the forefront so that the music would maintain its integrity. Even though I label our music progressive rock, I never wanted to stray off course with keeping the music relatable to our listeners, because some progressive music is so out there, so technical and busy, it's hard to find the melody within the song, and that becomes an issue for me. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more.”

The members of Zygon are excited to continue writing and producing songs, and are planning a second album in the near future.


“We are definitely geared up for more songs in the offing,” Stewart commented. “We will be making some necessary changes to guitar tones and keyboards to keep it interesting and different, but what won't change are the use of effects in the songs. I feel they really add a lot of atmosphere and creative emphasis to the song productions.”