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I think the only thing Zygon & I really disagree on are the fundamentals of math…other than that, we’re cool.  If you read the review I did on their record Earth And Sky earlier this year, believe it or not, I ran into nearly the exact same thing last time around…a seven is a seven, and an eight is an eight…somehow I keep getting informed we’re checking out seven tunes & yet each time I had listened to both albums, I’ve been hearing eight, aren’t you?  So that’s weird.  Anyhow…we’ll let Zygons be Zygons…for now…


While I try to keep my expectations & wildest hopes in-check, as to not apply some sort of ridiculous pressure on anyone out there in the scene – I’d be lyin’ to ya by omission if I didn’t say that when it comes to Zygon, I am pretty much expecting nothing but the very best.  That’s the savage impression they made through their debut record – and hearing them EXPLODE into “Occam’s Razor” at the outset of their new album Signs And Symbols was like listening to the instant confirmation of every claim I’ve made about’em in the past, & the ones that I’ll make today as well – Zygon IS one of the best out there. 



If there is anything I’ve learned throughout my years as a music-critic, it’s to write my intros last – because words cannot describe how truly fast things can change out there in our independent scene.

For example…when I first started listening to this new internet-based band revolving around the centerpiece of producer Paul Stewart only a short time ago, Zygon was putting out an album called Revelation with seven tunes on it according to the notes I had received along with the record.  Perhaps you might have even heard about it on the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast that was put out back in February last month when I introduced you to Zygon, and talked about the song “Eclipse” from Revelation a little bit before playing the song “Redshift” on the show!  Nothing like being ahead of the game in this world of independent music I tells ya…it just makes you feel good to know…that…wait…



Although they are spending their lockdown period separate from one another, this has not stopped these four musicians from different corners of the world from collaborating.  Forming the prog-rock band Zygon, they have spent the last few months working on their new high-energy instrumental album Earth And Sky.


Earth and Sky is reminiscent of any great metal band, from the distorted guitar solos to the punchy kick drum and busy fills. For any fans of the Dynasty Warriors game franchise, the album sounds like it’s been plucked straight from its soundtrack, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I learned that the members of Zygon took inspiration from the DW series.